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Turning Your Passion Into A Product Based Business With Angelique Warr [Podcast]

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Want to know more about me and how I got started in small business and the world of soap making? I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dana Malstaff from Boss Mom via the Boss-Mom Podcast. If you have never heard about Boss Mom, you need to check this out.

"Are you a woman who is passionate about raising a family AND growing a business at the same time Whether you haven’t started either yet or you are a veteran, the Boss-Moms group is a place of support, collaboration, and motivation. We know that raising a business and a family is tough…and even tougher to do both at the same time. The Boss-Moms Facebook Group is place to talk about challenges without being judged, get true support and great ideas from women who have gone through it."

During my podcast episode, we talk about everything from turning your passion into a product based business, how I got started with soap making and creating a niche to being a mom and trying to do it all. 

There are a lot of great tips for starting your own home-based business and how to get started. I also share some of my go to reading material and my love for all things organization. 

Listen to my Interview here: Episode #16

You can also find out more about me by reading my Boss Mom feature of the week. 


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