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Donut Soap Favors - Thanks a HOLE bunch for coming

Posted by Angelique Warr on

If you are stuck thinking about the perfect party favor to hand out, well, bother not your pretty head anymore, the best idea is here; a donut soap party favor! These soaps are perfect for a Donut Grow Up themed Birthday party, Sprinkle Baby Shower or even a Do-nut want to get married without you Bridesmaid Gift.



The best part about our donut soap party favors is the fact that they are handmade, and they do not come in a specific color. So you tell us the color for your event, and we make the exact color in soaps for you, even if it is a bi-color themed event, we could totally mix it up for you, and oh we have sprinkled soaps as well. So, it really does look like a donut. Measuring a 1.5 x 1.5 inches each, included in this order are soap favors in your choice of package option, color and fragrance.



One of the first things to keep in mind when it comes to having a party is the fact that you would want your guests to remember your party for everything good and beautiful. The one way to make sure of that is to hand them party favors. Our soap party favors.



A good party is in most cases characterized by the party favors you hand out as a ‘thank you for coming’ gesture. It gives the guests something to talk about for weeks after your party has been done and over with. It is also much better when the favors are really cute, not so big that they are in everyone’s faces, small enough to fit inside a purse, yet so important that you cannot forget who gave them to you or the party that resulted in getting them.




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