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Soap Favors Your Guests Can Actually Use! — Baby Shower Favors

Cactus Soap Favors - Taco Bout a Great Time

Posted by Angelique Warr on

It's not rare to see princess themed parties, enchanted forests, or even pirate themed parties. Do you know what's not so common but original? A cactus-themed party; your bridal shower, baby shower, graduation parties, fiestas, and birthday parties. Envision it; a desert of colorful, well-scented cacti.     There have been different cactus-themed parties over the years- baby showers, wild and free bridal showers, birthday parties, and others. Imagine how amazing it would be for you to have a cactus or desert themed party, and then at the end of the day, you are handing out a cactus soap favor...

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